Isn't it nice to see something unexpected that moves your soul, to capture something within, something we don't often recognize through our eyes?  What a crazy concept... but I believe we can capture it if you really try.

I love everything around me.  Most of all, I like people in action, silly dogs and cats, shy wildlife, and dancing Aspen leaves at sunset blown by a gentle wind.  Children and young people are naturally easy subjects to capture. I am more interested, however, in mature people.  I am thrilled when I discover their beautiful histories and wisdom within.

You might have seen me on a street with a camera in my hands.  Please say Hi to me when you see me next time.  My name is Mieko Aono, and "Aomi" is my nickname I gave to myself.  The site is called "aomi3" which is pronounced "Aomi-san".  The number 3 is pronounced "san" in Japanese, and the word "san" is also added to a person's name as a suffix.


My primary services are:

- MyTreasureBook:  Capture your treasures in your life, and create a story with images in your printed MyTreasureBook (TM).

- Discovering your inner beauty through photography.  Photoshoot with your favorite clothes, items, or pet.  Make-up and dress coordination services are also available before the photoshoot.

- Any types of special occasions, or informal family gathering photoshoot including formal setups and non-posed candid shots.

- Wildlife and nature images for web design purposes.

- 日本語でお気軽にお問い合わせください。

Other Site links:

flickr:  miekoaono albums

Blog site:  aomi3 now

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